SONDORS Electric Car Company demonstrates ProteanDRIVE® design freedom at the Los Angeles Motor Show

Protean Electric, the automotive technology company and world leader of in-wheel motors, will be present at the Los Angeles Motor Show with an in-wheel motor in the Model SONDORS electric car.

The goal of SONDORS Electric Car Company is to make electric vehicles accessible to everyone. Model SONDORS is an innovative all-electric vehicle anticipated to start at just $10,000. SONDORS believes the sleek look, quality parts, and low price point will create the tipping point necessary for mass adoption of electric vehicles. The demonstration vehicle shown at the motor show is a three-wheeler with two front wheels and a central rear wheel powered by a ProteanDRIVE® PD18 in-wheel motor.

“Model SONDORS is a great example of how our in-wheel motors allow new thinking and versatility in vehicle design. With no drive-line components required, our technology enables designers to create exciting new vehicles that reflect their customers’ lives and needs. We wish the SONDORS team every success,” says Andrew Whitehead, Chief Commercial Officer of Protean Electric.

For more information on Protean Electric please visit: www.proteanelectric.com

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For more information on SONDORS please visit:  www.sondorselectriccar.com.

Media Contact:
Matt Stevens
Protean Electric