A Better Way To Travel

Our innovative in-wheel motor technology generates power directly in a vehicle’s wheels.

The electric vehicle revolution has grown out of conventional vehicle design. It made sense to start the shift to electric power with traditional single, central motor and drivetrain technologies. But electric power creates opportunities to innovate.

By moving power to the wheel, we have created a technological leap forward. Our paradigm shift gives drivers improved torque response, enhanced handling, faster acceleration, less charging and greater range. It offers manufacturers a simplified assembly or conversion process.

Our ProteanDrive in-wheel motors have integrated power electronics and digital control. Direct drive means no gears are required, and by partnering with leading brake system experts we have developed friction brakes that suit any type of vehicle.



In-wheel motor


wheel and tire


In-wheel motor


wheel and tire

Clear Benefits

Our in-wheel technology offers a wide range of benefits for manufacturers, fleets, drivers and passengers:


For manufacturers our technology delivers design freedom and production efficiency. Without driveline components compromising vehicle space, they are free to develop exciting new vehicles that reflect their customers’ lives and needs. And with fewer components comes a simpler, cost-effective production process and a more efficient supply chain.


For fleets, our in-wheel technology means a simpler, cost-effective conversion to electric power with minimum disruption to business. As cities increasingly control vehicle access, it delivers dramatic emission reductions and acts as a passport to the clean cities of the future.


For drivers searching for longer range electric vehicles with better handling it means freedom, enjoyment, choice and economy.


Self-driving vehicles and Robo-taxis are not far away. Using ProteanDrive, imagine vehicles you walk into with family, luggage and pushchairs, designed to travel safely in space and comfort, and that park by moving sideways.


Drive Longer

In-wheel motors remove efficiency losses associated with gear, differential and CV joints situated around the vehicle. Total vehicle weight is also reduced.

This means:

  • Greater range
  • Reduced running costs
  • Lower charge frequency

Better Handling

Individual wheel motors provide torque distribution to different wheels (torque vectoring)

This means:

  • Improved driver handling
  • Enhanced stability and control
  • Improved traction control
  • Shorter stopping distances

Creative Freedom

In-wheel motors revolutionize car design. No requirement for existing driveline components means car design is no longer compromised.

This means:

  • Flexible vehicle design
  • Flexible manufacturing process
  • Simpler development of hybrids

Production Efficiency

In-wheel motors with integrated inverters do not require a gear, differential, drive-shafts or external drive electronics.

This means:

  • Comparable system cost
  • Reduced development cost
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • More opportunity for modularity


We offer direct drive in-wheel electric motors for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles based on our ProteanDrive technology. The motor, inverter and control are integrated in a single package alongside a compatible friction brake, offering high torque density and efficiency with excellent NVH characteristics. ProteanDrive is a scalable technology, enabling us to create products for a wide range of applications.

ProteanDrive provides a drivetrain solution without the need for packaging components on the vehicle body, and so unlocks new vehicle design freedom.





800 Nm

90 kW

40 kW

Max Speed

225 km/h or 140 mph

150 km/h or 93 mph

Motor Weight

36 kg

28 kg

60 kW

26 kW

Vehicle Weight

Vehicles <4,500 kg / 10,000 lb

Vehicles <3,200 kg / 7,050 lb

Total Wheel Power

Vehicle Types

With partners in the heavy-duty vehicle sector we have also developed a version of Pd18 to support lorries and trailers up to 40 tonnes.

Currently we offer Pd18 and Pd16. Other versions are already planned and our ambition is to offers customers eDrive solutions across their entire vehicle fleets.

  • ProteanDrive In Action

    Pd18 Local Motors “Olli” self-driving, cognitive shuttle

    “Protean Electric’s eDrive technology makes power-train components obsolete and vehicle digitization easier. It will help us revolutionize self-driving vehicle design.”

    John B. Rogers Jr, CEO and co-founder of LM Industries

  • ProteanDrive In Action

    Pd18 MAHLE VW Golf Hybrid

    “Protean motors were selected for their excellent performance and packaging efficiency in our hybrid demonstrator”

    Daren Mottershead, MAHLE Powertrain Ltd.

  • ProteanDrive In Action

    Pd18 Model SONDORS, three wheel electric car

    “I have access to the world’s best electric technologies and resources. Choosing Pd18 was a great choice to power Model SONDORS”

    Storm Sondors, Founder & CEO, SONDORS

  • ProteanDrive In Action

    Pd18 Ford F150 Pickup

  • ProteanDrive In Action

    Pd18 BRABUS hybrid based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class


We have invented a completely new in-wheel motor for the modern age. Our technology provides a smart, stand-alone drive solution with software that transforms the digital vehicle and enhances customization.

ProteanDrive delivers functionality including torque vectoring and 90 degree turn radius, combined with a digital control platform that supports a range of AI and cloud based services including autonomous EV sensors, digital ABS, vehicle diagnostics and road condition data.


Standard Wheel & Tire
Capacitor Ring
Power Electronics
Protective Cover
Brake Caliper
Brake Disk

Developing a tried and tested product hasn’t always been a smooth journey. We’ve faced and overcome important technical issues and helped our industry to rethink some long-standing misconceptions.

We have found ways to integrate brake systems, keep closely packaged electronics cool, keep water and dirt out and simplify communication between individual components and wheels. We have developed technologies to withstand a 300,000 kilometre vehicle lifetime, which includes shock and vibration, pot-holes and kerb strike.


  • Unsprung Mass

    Perhaps our longest standing challenge has been overcoming the perception of “unsprung mass”. We have demonstrated that increasing wheel weight needn’t impair handling, comfort and safety. Independent tests have proved “unsprung mass” is no limitation to in-wheel technology.

  • Integration Of Friction Brake

    Working with Alcon, we have integrated and packaged a foundation brake within the motor that matches standard vehicle performance and has been successfully validated on a variety of vehicles.

  • Thermal Management

    Cooling multiple electronic subsystems effectively has been achieved by our patented cooling design.

  • Ingress Protection

    Protecting internal motor components from water and debris in a harsh in-wheel environment has been achieved to the lifetime of a vehicle

  • Vehicle Control

    Our vehicle control software makes individual wheel control achievable in existing vehicle architectures.