ProteanDrive In-Wheel Electric Motors Featured in AUTOCAR Magazine

Protean Electric, an automotive technology company and the world leader of in-wheel motors, was featured in the 11 October, 2017 issue of AUTOCAR headlined “In-wheel electric motor due next year.”

Protean’s Gabriel Donaldson discusses the differences and benefits of a self-contained drive system versus traditional electric drivetrain, and the production roll-out for 2018.

Self-contained and weighing in at 72kg per wheel, the ProteanDrive system offers the following benefits:

• Weight savings

• Space savings

• Reduced friction

• Free up cabin space

Donaldson also explained, “it can be used for two-wheel-drive EVs to hybridise an existing vehicle or to convert a two-wheel-drive vehicle to four-wheel-drive.”

For the full article download here.