Our ProteanDrive in-wheel technology offers high power and torque density. Designed to maximise efficiency and simplify the vehicle production process, all of our models are in-wheel motors with integrated power electronics and digital control, packaged with a compatible friction brake.

ProteanDrive delivers functionality including torque vectoring and 90 degree turn radius, combined with a digital control platform that supports a range of AI and cloud based services including autonomous EV sensors, digital ABS, vehicle diagnostics and road condition data.




Peak Torque

Peak Power

Max Speed

225 km/h or 140 mph

150 km/h or 93 mph

Motor Weight

36 kg

28 kg

Continuous Power

Vehicle Weight

Vehicles <4,500kg / 10,000 lb

Vehicles <3,200 kg / 7,050 lb

Total Wheel Power

Vehicle Types

View the Pd18 Data Sheet

With partners in the heavy-duty vehicle sector we have also developed a version of Pd18 to support lorries and trailers up to 40 tonnes.

Currently we offer Pd18 and Pd16. Other versions are already planned and our ambition is to offers customers eDrive solutions across their entire vehicle fleets.

How it works

Standard Wheel & Tire
Capacitor Ring
Power Electronics
Protective Cover
Brake Caliper
Brake Disc

How it integrates


In-wheel motor


Wheel and tire


In-wheel motor


Wheel and tire

From Theory To Reality

At our Tianjin manufacturing centre we have moved beyond development and testing to define and prove the process for mass production.

Solution Development

Our engineering capability covers the full development of an in-wheel motor solution for all vehicle applications.

Services we offer include:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Control System Supply and Calibration
  • Brake Supply
  • Integration Services
  • Calibration
  • Testing
  • Complete Demo Vehicle Build
  • Vehicle Simulation
  • Dyno Facilities

Our whole development process strictly follows ISO26262 Functional Safety requirements. We ensure that our motors operate safely on a vehicle, and as such we will ensure that ProteanDrive integrates into the Functional Safety architecture of our customer’s vehicles.