Vehicle Simulations

Protean has created a vehicle simulation tool to assist customers in their development process. The tool and associated models have been verified against empirical results and, with more and more data being added to the library, are providing increasingly more useful results. The tool allows customers to investigate the performance benefits from adding Protean Drive® to existing vehicles and future vehicle concepts. The simulation is a good starting point and only requires simple inputs such as vehicle estimated drag coefficient, axle ratio and rolling resistance. If the customer has their own models, for new cars these can be integrated into the simulation as well.

The chart and table illustrate the fuel savings possible for a commercial van fitted with two Protean Drive® motors in a Through-The-Road-Hybrid configuration. In this example, the model demonstrates the impact of various different battery options. For more details on the benefits of using the Protean Drive™ in-wheel motors in your application, please get in touch with Protean Electric directly.

Quantity Characteristics Notes
Engine 2.0 liter diesel
84 kW at 3500 rpm
290 Nm at 1600-2000 rpm
Generic model of efficiency
Gearbox Gearbox Manual 6-speed
Ratios 4.18, 2.24, 1.39, 0.98, 0.76, 0.60
Final Drive Ratio 4.18
Gross Vehicle Mass 2096 kg GVW, including electric drive and battery
Rolling Resistance Coefficient 0.0038
Frontal Area 3.36 m2
Drag Coefficient 0.362
Rolling Radius 0.34 m
PD18 Motor 800 Nm/81 kW peak output
500 Nm continuous output
Battery Options Option 1:
26.25 kWh, 21 kWh useable
80% of energy useable. 360V nominal, 100mohm effective pack resistance, 600A peak discharge current, 400A peak charge current
Option 2:
18.75 kWh, 15 kWh useable
80% of energy useable. 360V nominal, 140mohm effective pack resistance, 428A peak discharge current, 285A peak charge current
Option 3:
10 kWh, 8 kWh useable
80% of energy useable. 360V nominal, 262mohm effective pack resistance, 228A peak discharge current, 152A peak charge current