Targeted Industries

Can Protean Drive® help you meet your goals?

If you’re an OEM or a global Tier 1 company, Protean can help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s strict fuel economy and emissions regulations while improving vehicle performance.

If you’re a company or a large organization with a commercial fleet of vehicles, Protean can help you improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet, saving you money and recouping your investment far quicker than other hybrid systems.

OEMs and Tier 1 Companies

You have scarce engineering resources and ever-tightening budgets and vehicle lead times that require early, informed and firm decisions on advanced technology. However, Protean’s in-wheel motors occupy space that was formerly unused behind the wheels so they integrate more easily than on-board solutions. There is no need to make major changes to engine or emissions components or to modify drivetrain components such as gearboxes, differentials and driveshafts. In addition, the motors can be installed in new vehicles built on existing assembly lines with few changes to the manufacturing process.