Protean Electric has, in the course of creating its production-ready in-wheel motor, developed many novel and inventive solutions. In order to protect its customers, licensees and owners Protean is developing a comprehensive patent portfolio. Patent applications have been filed covering more than 70 inventions and over 108 patents have been granted world-wide.

The breadth of Protean’s patents reflects the range of technology areas encompassed by the in-wheel motor system and its use in vehicles. Specific inventions cover important aspects of
• Mechanical design
• Robustness against vibration and shock
• Sealing
• Thermal management
• Power electronics and their integration
• Motor sensing and control
• Electromagnetic design
• Fault tolerance
• Manufacturing tools
• Brake integration
• Control of in-wheel motors for performance and safety in a vehicle.

The areas covered by our inventions can be seen in this chart


The territories where we have filed our patents can be seen in this chart