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Views from our CTO:

Magnetics Poles Apart  [17.Sep.18]

Dr. Chris Hilton

Unsprung Mass

Unsprung Mass with In-Wheel Motors – Myths and Realities [Aug.10]

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Effect of Hub Motor Mass on Stability & Comfort of Electric Vehicles [Sep.06]

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SiC Inverter for In-Wheel Motors [05.Sep.18]

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2016 Understanding the Challenges of Integrating In-Wheel Motors [22.Apr.16]

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Making the Impossible, Possible – Overcoming the Design Challenges of In-Wheel Motors [May.12]

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In-Wheel Electric Motors – The Packaging and Integration Challenges [Dec.11]

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Electric Traction For Automobiles - Comparison of Different Wheel-Hub Drives [Dec.07]

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IWM Benefits

Wheel Torque and Speed in a Vehicle with In-Wheel Motors [May.16]

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Plug-in Hybrids Made Easy – Selectable EV Drive Using In-Wheel Motors [May.12]

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Agonising Over ASIL's: Controllability and the In-Wheel Motor [Oct.12]

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Experience Applying Part 3 to In-Wheel Motors [Sep.11]

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Views from our CTO

Magnetics Poles Apart [17.Sep.18]


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